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Softener Resin - Indion 220Na INR   0 INR  0

Softener Resin - Indion 220Na

Description: INDION 220 Na is a high capacity strongly acidic cation exchanger in bead form. It is based on cross linked polystyrene and has a gel structure. The resin contains sulphonic acid functional groups. It is supplied moist in the sodium form. Application: INDION 220 Na is used most widely in sodium form for water softening application. It can be used also in twostage de - ionising as the cation exchanger in the hydrogen cycle. Packing: HDPE Lined bags 25/ 50 lts LDPE bags 1 cft / 25 lts Super sack 1000 lts Super sack 35 cft MS drums Fiber drums with liner bags 180 lts with liner bags 7 cft Storage: Ion exchange resins require proper care at all times. The resin must never be allowed to become dry. Regularly open the plastic bags and check the condition of the resin when in storage. If not moist, add enough clean demineralised water and keep it in completely moist condition. Always keep the resin drum in the shade. Recommended storage 0 0 temperature is between 20 C and 40 C.



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