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Wound Polypropylene Micron Cartridge Filters

Wound Polypropylene Micron Cartridge Filters These are popular liquid filter cartridges that have a continuous, diagonally interlocking weave over a supporting core. The most popular media used for these filters is a polypropylene(PP) yarn over a PP supporting core. The winding provides tapered filter passages of controlled size and shape. The larger particles are trapped on the outer surface and form a pre-cake. The smaller particles are trapped within the torturous path of the winding. These filters work on the principle of depth filtration, offering a gradual rise in pressure drop across the life of the cartridge. Brand Hydrowound MMP is the largest manufacturer of the wound PP cartridges in India. The Hydrowound cartridges use the PP yarn manufactured by a superior technology. The yarn is fibrous and has about 40% higher air volume compared to conventional yarn. The filtration takes place by “absorption technology”. This provides for the advantages of (a) lower pressure drop (2) increased efficiency and (3) higher dirt holding capacity. Micron Rating MMP Hydrowound cartridges are offered in standard micron ratings of 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100. On request, customised micron rating can also be provided. The cartridges are of nominal rating with an efficiency of 88-90%. Sizes Length: 10” / 20” / 30” / 40” Outer Dia: 63mm ( Standard Cartridge) / 114mm (Big Blue of Jumbo Cartridge) Inner Dia: 27.5 mm Ends: DOE ( Double Open Ended) / SOE ( Single Open Ended)



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