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Green Water Concepts India Pvt Ltd is an award-winning water & wastewater treatment company founded at Kozhikode in Kerala, India with the mission of improving your drinking water and long term health. Ecolab is a subsidiary of Green Water Concepts India Pvt Ltd that test drinking water nationwide. Even small improvements to drinking water quality impart health benefits to the mind and body. Making easy, smart changes to every-day water quality consists of testing for and removing harmful chronic contaminants, many of which have no color, smell, or taste. As a growing team of engineers, lab analysts and health experts, we share a vision to improve the way you test, treat and monitor your drinking water and local environmental health. Ecolab is committed to providing accurate and reliable analytical services at the lowest possible prices. You can also order online or call to order your water test. Samples can be received by courier with a facility to pay online. Turnaround is less than 8 business days from receipt of the sample. Ecolab has connections with some of the top environmental testing laboratories in India, allowing us to improve the testing and reporting experience for all customers. We enable the lab technicians to focus on what they do best, testing the water. Meanwhile, we deliver on the promise of great customer service, expert treatment advice, and timely support. We follow test procedures set forth by national and international regulatory agencies like BIS, WHO etc.,
Water Testing Laboratory – Ecolab from Green Water Concepts India Pvt Ltd In rural area, most people rely on private water supplies such as wells, dugouts and ponds. Quality water is vital to the social, health and economic wellbeing of the animal and plant kingdom. Monitoring water quality by having it tested regularly is an important part of maintaining a safe and reliable source of water Testing the water allows a knowledgeable approach to address the specific problems of a water supply. This helps ensure that the water source is being properly protected from potential contamination, and that an appropriate treatment system is selected and is operated accordingly. It is important to test the suitability of the water quality for its intended purpose, whether it is livestock watering, irrigation, spraying, or drinking water. This will assist you in making decisions about water and how to use it. Requirement of a good laboratory: Standard test procedures accepted by the country regulatory agencies, good and reliable laboratory instruments and qualified technicians are few of the important requirement of a water testing laboratory. Though there are many water testing laboratory in the country, few of them meet the requirements sited above and are reliable. Green Water Concepts India Pvt Ltd., has identified this core issue and has started a new water testing laboratory, Ecolab, in the year 2017. The water testing laboratory was founded by Abdu Rahim Puthiyarakkal, the director of Green Water Concepts India Pvt. Ltd. Abdu Rahim is a veteran professional with 25+ years of enriching experience in Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Audit, Inspection & Testing. Abdu Rahim had started his career as a Laboratory Technician, in Al Ain Mineral Water Company, a world class water bottling company in the Middle East, in the year 1993. Currently, Abdu Rahim is one of the directors of Green Water Concepts India Pvt Ltd since 2012.
Ecolab - Water Testing Lab Today is the second anniversary of our laboratory, Ecolab, a water testing lab, accredited by Kerala pollution control board. We express our sincere thanks to all our valuable customers on this occasion
Ecolab, a division of Greeen Water Concepts India Pvt. Ltd., is a water testing laboratory at Kozhikode, Kerala. Key Features: - Qualified Laboratory Analysts - State of the art laboratory instruments - Internationally accepted test procedures We do the following tests: - pH - Conductivity - Turbidity - Total Dissolved Solids - Chlorides - Sulphates - Nitrites - Nitrates - Total Alkalinity - Phenolphthalein Alkalinity - Acidity - Total Hardness - Calcium Hardness - Magnesium Hardness - Calcium - Magnesium - Total lron - Phosphates - Ammonia - Sulfates - Total Residual Chlorine - Total Coliforms - E.Coli - Fecal Coliform
Green Water Concepts India Pvt Ltd has applied for accreditation of its water testing laboratory, Ecolab in Kerala State Pollution Control Board. The pollution control board will review the application, verify the document and will conduct a site inspection. The laboratory complies with the guidelines of pollution control board and regulatory agencies set forth for water testing laboratory. Green Water Concepts India Pvt Ltd follow APHA (American Public Health Association) standards in the Laboratory.