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Iron removal media - Purolite MZ10 plus Aventura in association with Purolite, a premier manufacturer of resins from USA, offers iron removal media MZ10 Plus. The dark-to-black colored catalytic media can remove soluble iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic and radium from water supplies. For drinking water applications the media can be effective for over 10 years. Advantages over the existing iron removal media - Can take max iron concentrations up to 20ppm - Can reduce iron, Mn and H2S up to< 0.1 ppm- - No limitation of alkalinity and TDS inwater - Needs only periodic backwash with treated water - Can be operated at high temperatures and high differential pressures without breakdown ofmedia - No pre-treatment required to remove chlorine in feed water - Used with chlorine, the media offers excellent resistance to biological contamination - NSF approved Green Water Concepts India Pvt Ltd is one the major supplier of Purolite MZ 10 plus media across India
Water Filter Media Green Water Concepts India Pvt Ltd is one of the largest supplier of different kind of superior quality water filter media. Filter Sands: Different kind of pebbles and filter sand are available at Green Water Concepts India Pvt Ltd. Activated Carbon: Granular Activated Carbon (IV range, 900 - 1200), of reputable manufactures are available at GWC . Iron Removal Media Superior quality Manganese dioxide with high manganese content is also available at GWC. Katalox Light, Purolite MZ Plus, BIRM etc are also available at GWC. Softener Resin, Indion 220Na is also avaliable at GWC.