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About American Water Works Association: Established in 1881, the American Water Works Association is the largest nonprofit, scientific and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water, the world’s most important resource. It has more than 50, 000 members worldwide which include scientists, environmentalists, water utilities, regulators and other stakeholders in the area of water supply and public health. AWWA works through education and training, conferences, creating awareness through communication, and local action among its sections spread throughout North America. Its Indian chapter hopes to bring a fresh perspective towards the preservation, management and distribution of clean water throughout the country; and to leverage its decades-old experience in water management to improve public health, protect the environment and strengthen the Indian economy.
Green Water Concepts India Pvt Ltd has introduced customized water dispensers with built in water purifiers under the brand name Green Water. Water dispensers with normal, hot and cold options are available. The dispensers are made of high quality stainless steel.
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We are pleased to inform our valued customers that we have got approval from Kerala State Pollution Control Board for our Water Testing Laboratory. The approval is applicable for analysis of the following parameters in water and waste water. 1. Turbidity 2. Total suspended Solids 3. Total Dissolved Solids 4. pH 5. Alkalinity Total 6. Acidity 7. Hardness Total (CaCO3) 8. Magnesium 9. Calcium 10. Iron Total 11. Chlorides 12. Nitrates 13. Sodium 14. Potassium 15. Sulphates 16. Phosphates 17. Ammonia Nitrogen 18. BOD 19. COD 20. DO 21. Residual Chlorine 22. Total Coliforms 23. Faecal Coliforms 14. E.Coli
Green Water Concepts India Pvt Ltd is the authorized distributor of water dispensers of Conway Water Purifier Private Ltd. Conway Water Purifier is the first company in India introduces Customized stainless steel water purifier/ water cooler / water dispenser, which are designed and developed by a team of professionals based on their 3 decades of experience in the water purification industry. Conway Water Purifier has developed over 200 customized products in the past and those are working extremely well at customer’s site and getting us repeated orders. Some of the Conway products are 1) Stainless steel water cooler with Reverse osmosis RO / Ultraviolet UV / Ozone purifiers 2) Stainless steel water purifier with Reverse osmosis RO / Ultraviolet UV / Ozone purifiers 3) Stainless steel water dispenser with Reverse osmosis RO / Ultraviolet UV / Ozone purifiers.
Water Filter Media Glass media and Sand Glass is aluminosilicate manufactured from silica sand or from the re-melt of glass bottles. It has a similar chemical composition to sand, but may contain metal oxides such as aluminium, or ferric to make amber glass or manganese and chromium for green glass. Glass as a filter media was used in 1984 by Dr Howard Dryden as an alternative to the zeolite clinoptilolite as a means of filtering water in a RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) for eels and Atlantic salmon. The glass was initially used as a feedstock for the manufacture of synthetic zeolites. the glass was subsequently used as a substrate and the surface of the glass was changed by a solgel process to give it a bydrohilic high surface area to avoid bio fouling while still acting as a molecular sieve similar to clinoptilolite for the adsorption of organics. The manufacturer of filter media provides an opportunity to make a filter media with a specific tailored performance. The performance then can be quantified and compared against other filter media. Such an investigation has never been conducted for sand. Given that sand is used to treat more than 99 percentage of our drinking water supply, it is rather surprising that there has been no detailed comparison of sand media performance from different deposits or different countries.